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Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager

Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager

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Kamilla Ford shares her experience using the Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager!

"I've been using this Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager for more than a month now and this is my holy grail massager. This product help my neck reduce lines and fat and also help to drain those swelling lymphatic. Made my neck looks 10 years younger than before!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What is Bianstone?

The term "bianstone" refers to the practice of using stones to treat our body. Bianstone uses microcrystalline, infrared, and pulsed wavebands to provide various therapeutic and medical effects. Through the induction of friction and heat, the pulse is transformed into a wave shape. Its effects are comparable to those of a dual-purpose far-infrared and ultrasonic therapy device.

How Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager works?

It has been proven that Bianstone acts on human skin to nourish deeper tissues and improve cellular metabolism. Additionally, Bianstone has a microcrystalline structure and is quite sensitive, making individuals feel very at ease while applying it to their bodies.

Activate Lymphatic Drainage

The Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager handles the source of pollutants and bodily waste while focusing on the cause of lymphatic obstructions. Before pollutants may affect your system, it flushes them away with the use of vibration massage and red-light irradiation. In order to maintain a good nutritional balance and toxin levels, this stops toxins from rebounding and growing denser.

Increase Blood Circulation

Scratching your skin with a massage implement is a natural and alternative therapy used to increase circulation. This opening of blood vessels should not hurt since it has a therapeutic impact on the body and enhances blood flow to the regions being treated.

Enhance Cell Metabolism

The Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager effectively relieves muscle and fascia stress while boosting metabolism. Help enhances the formation of collagen and elastin.

Breast Enhancement

 A proactive measure to maintain a healthy flow of blood, qi, and lymphatic fluid through the breasts is to use a Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager. Use the massager outside of your breast and all the way around, from the areola to the base of the breast, while raising your arm. Repeat each day for a potential volume gain since good breast tissue boosts blood flow and circulation, and energy, or "qi," offers nourishment, which makes you feel fuller.

Why Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager is a must?

Boosts skin circulation,nourish tissues and skin cells
Invigorates lymph fluid circulation
Can reduce impurities
Improves collagen and elastin production
Plump and enhance breast

Here are some of our happy customers


"I was impressed with this thing. It got warm fast and hotter than I thought. I read articles about massaging breast will help achieve plumper and bigger breast. I used the Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager on my neck, shoulder and chest. My goal was to have bigger chest in just a month. This device never failed it does help my chest to become plumper. I love how my chest looks like now. Plus this massage is very relaxing to use." Nicole Lyntol ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"My fat neck is my number one insecurity. My friend recommend this product to me. I immediately research on this product and use it on my fat neck. After a month of using I do have now jaw line and slimmer neck. It also help my swelling lymph nodes on my neck to dissolve. Love this massage so far, I also use it on my face for lifting and anti aging benefits." Sarah Montenegro  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Heating: Continuous 42 Warmth
  • Vibration Intensity: 9 Levels
  • Charging: USB-C, cable Included
  • Operation: Wireless
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 95mm

Package Include

1 x  Bianstone Pulse Lymphatic Massager

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x  Wormwood Essential Oil

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