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EMS Foot Bioelectric Massager Pad

EMS Foot Bioelectric Massager Pad

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Let's See How Our Happy Customers Successfully Relax Tension From Fatigue!

"I have edema. I went to doctors, had injections and everything you can think of other then surgery. I tried a few "foot massager" products trying to find one that worked best for me. EMS Foot Bioelectric Massager Pad met all of my needs as far as level of pressure at the bottom of my feet and it allowed me to move my foot around to get to the areas that needed to be massaged. I am very pleased with this product to use in conjunction with my normal stretches before workout and a good shoe or orthodox arch support placed in the shoe. I do recommend this product to give you foot relief that comes from massage and increased blood circulation." - Martha Perkerson

"Yesterday morning my feet got sprain and it swollen so bad. Gladly my husband bought this for me as a birthday gift last month. I tried it immediately to lessen the pain. Good massage for soles of feet. Increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen to damaged nerves. The next morning my feet is back to normal, no more swelling but there's still slightly pain. This massager helps a lot to relaxes the sprain nerves." - Karl Payne 

What is EMS Bioelectric Acupoint Technology?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation. This help increase muscle strength, to decrease body weight and body fat, and to improve muscle firmness and tone in healthy individuals.

Bioelectric Acupressure Technology uses a low level current which mimics the body's natural current and provides both instant and cumulative results. 

EMS Bioelectric Acupoint Treatment

This bioelectric foot massager sends signals through electrical muscle stimulation directly to the leg muscles to relieve foot fatigue. Both feet, which only take up 2% of the body but support the entire body, are called walking power. The E-M-S training device stimulates circulation and effectively trains the muscles of the main part.

What makes EMS Foot Bioelectric Massager Pad special:

  • Reduces Muscle Tension and Strain
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Promote Fat Burning
  • Lessen cellulite
  • Tone and firm loose fat

Extra Comfortability

Simply set up the machine in a cosy spot, activate to get a complete at-home spa foot massage experience with different frequency mode you want to use to rejuvenates your sore muscles from all the stress and aches.

Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

Refreshes your feet muscles through EMS microcurrent. Foot massager sends signals through electrical muscle stimulation directly to the leg muscles massage your feet, relaxing tense muscles to relieve discomfort, relieve tired feet and calf muscles and is suitable for all skin types.

Promotes Blood Circulation

It increases the blood flow rate by improving peripheral blood circulation. The high rate of oscillation increases blood flow and circulation to the area, renewing the skin cells and nourishing the surface. High frequency increases oxygen to the skin, improving the overall texture, tone, and glow.

How Acupressure Technology works?

Warms up your feet to alleviate the stress and provides soothing spa-like treatment with its in-built infrared heat function. Under soft mesh to help stimulate blood flow, relieve stress, reduce the effects of edema and alleviate symptoms of foot fatigue.


Here are some of the compliments from our customers!


"Look how dark my cellulites looks like before I tried this massager pad. This is really my number 1 insecurities coz i can't wear bikini. I found this massager pad online and I was surprise how this works on fats and cellulites. After several use in a month there's a big difference now. It does lessen thos cellulites and makes my legs toned and firmed! - Isobel Lincoln

"After being on my feet all day at work my feet are now swollen due to fatigue. This machine massages my feet really well! I have poor blood circulation in my legs... and the EMS Foot Bioelectric Massager Pad is great! Feels wonderful to start the blood flowing again. I only need to use about 5 minutes at a time several times per day!" - Michaele Lenz

How to use


1. Install the device on the foot pad.

2. Place both feet on the foot pad or any parts of the body you want

3. Setup massage modes and intensity.


Battery capacity: 80mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Weight: 168g

Package Includes:

1 x EMS Foot Bioelectric Massager Pad




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