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Metallic Color Dual Tip Chrome Mirror Marker

Metallic Color Dual Tip Chrome Mirror Marker

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Metallic Color Dual Tip Chrome Mirror Marker can bring amazing mirror effect to your work! This amazing chrome mark uses reflective ink to add a shiny mirror touch to your project. This Chrome markers are designed with innovative valve, so the ink flows smoothly without any pauses, leaks or bleeding, perfect mirror effect for your artworks.

The Mirror Marker can be used in a variety of surface such as plastic, glass, ceramic, stone, water products, acrylic nails, metal, cardboard, paper, canvas, clay, foam, clay, artificial fiber, gypsum, concrete or crafts.

The coloring pen is very suitable for children and adults to use. Perfect for arts and crafts, DIY projects, calligraphy, nail arts, scrapbooks, gift card marking, journals, calendar, planners, coloring books and more.


Round end brush tip and extra fine tip in one marker, allows you to create medium or bold strokes or fine strokes with extra fine tip. Our tips are made of special fiber material which is wear-resistant, no branching and durable can use for a really long time.

Closest paint to match chrome you'll find. This marker is made with oil-based formula, anti-scratch, non-toxic, low-odor, waterproof, xylene-free, and its highly opaque and permanent ink is very close to the chrome coating on the model kit, ideal for car trim and chrome touch ups, controllable of detail work.

Marker with highly pigmented special ink creates permanently a high-gloss real mirror and highly opaque effect which can never be achieved by a normal marker. UV resistance and weather resistance can maintaining a long-lasting silver mirror effect on the surface of the object for a long time.

Colors: Silver, Gold, Bronze

Metallic Color Dual Tip Chrome Mirror Marker

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