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Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow

Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow

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Clarice Treyson shared her amazing experience using the ComfortSoft Cotton Cassia Pillow!

"Because of this product I can really tell that sleep is really a factor to achieve a healthy body. Before I was working night shift and I am overweight due to lack of sleep and wrong eating pattern. Using this Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow made my life change. I can now achieve 6-8 hours of sleep. I am more energetic due to complete and nice sleep. I have more energy to do workout and prep healthy food before going to work. I love my sleeping pattern now than with the help of this pillow. " ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Adjust your Sleep Style!

Snoring? Back and neck discomfort? Having a tight neck when you awaken? With our Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow, you have discovered the ideal pillow. This pillow is uniformly thick to match the contours of the user's head and neck, fill in any gaps, and preserve the spine's normal physiological curvature. Reduce snoring and enhance sleep.

What is Cassia?

Cassia seed extract comes from the seeds of a famous Chinese plant known as Jue Ming Zi, which mostly grows in tropical regions. Cassia seed’s Latin name is Semen cassiae.

Cassia seed extract is effective as an herbal medicine to treat ailments related to digestion, circulation, weight loss and joints. Cassia seeds are also capable of providing relief and relaxation.

Massage Acupoints

Our pillows are expertly crafted to support by tracing the contours of your head and neck. While you sleep, it targets and massages the acupoints on your head and neck. The weight of your head and neck will be uniformly distributed throughout the cushion, cradling and supporting them.

Promote Blood Circulation

The blood circulation is enhanced. Placing a cushion between your neck and head will elevate them just enough to increase blood flow via the vena cava, a significant vein that carries blood to the heart and back.

Reduce Inflammation and Excess Fats

The acupoints on the head and neck can be massaged with a cassia pillow, which helps people's meridians flow freely. The central nervous system is said to be stimulated by acupoint massage. Assist in reducing inflammation and fat reduction. 

Promote Airway Expansion and Reduce Snoring

People who suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea might consider using a cassia seed pillow because of its therapeutic benefits for calming the nerves in the head and neck. Stress and anxiety can be reduced with the use of cassia seed extract, which enhances sleep.

What makes Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow special?

  • Durable Material - You will rest well knowing that you pillow is designed with high quality material making it soft long lasting and durable for many restful nights.
  • Never Goes Flat - Soft and ultra-luxury foam pillow, allow 24 hours for them to fluff up completely that never goes flat.
  • Healthy and Comfy Sleep - Promotes proper back, neck and spine alignment. Help back & neck pain, insomnia, migraines, snoring and orthopaedic problem.
  • Best Night's Sleep - Get your best night's sleep! It remains uniform in density, conforming to your personal head & neck contour  for a perfect nights sleep & returns to shape, night after night.

Here are some of happy customers

" My swollen neck lump shrank and lessened after using this Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow for a week. Using my previous pillow, my neck developed a bump and was in excruciating pain. In contrast to my former pillow, which I couldn't sleep comfortably on, I can now sleep for more than 5 hours when using this Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow. I truly value my sleep, therefore I purchased this lovely pillow."

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐-Leila O. 


"I appear so exhausted in the upper photo, and I am, in fact, really exhausted. I got eyebags since I didn't get enough sleep. It's incredibly unpleasant to sleep on my old pillow. I can't sleep for more than four hours at a time because my neck hurts when I wake up. But because to this Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow, I get a lot of pleasant, lengthy sleep. This improved the general health of my entire body. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐- Emma Lerner

Product Details


Material: Knitted cotton fabric
Product filling: Cassia seed
Size: 74cm x 48cm

Package Includes

1 x Purema Cotton Cassia Sleeping Pillow

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