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RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil

RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil

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Before we introduce our product here are some great compliments from our customers

"Love the scent of this product! I used it on my dull and blemish face. Those marks and lines made my skin really dull and dark. Finally tried using this and the result is really amazing. After almost a week of using my face looks glowing which my boyfriend complimented me. I will continue using this coz it's really good for the skin." - Micah Dawson
"I love the feel of the oil on the skin. After a month of using my skin looks great. It evens my complexion, those dark marks lightens now. My dark under eye lightens which I really love. This is so good the smell also great and relaxing." - Kelli Meany
 5 Major Uses of RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil
According to research, the essential oil derived from the rose plant has a wide range of potential benefits.  This oil contains high levels of vitamin c and vitamin a, rich in oils and proteins that keep skin soft and moisturised. It helps to encourage optimum cell growth and skin renewal as well as minimising the appearance of redness caused by scar tissue and fine lines and wrinkles.
In addition to acting as a natural antioxidant to shield skin from radiation, RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil also encourages cell metabolism and regeneration, speeds up collagen synthesis and development, effectively activates skin, and helps to repair skin tension. reproduces your skin's shine. It improves the body and hair in addition to the skin.
What Makes Rose a Great Skin Component
Rose has a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and its oil are fantastic for tackling dry skin. It also offers astringent properties, making it an excellent combatant of acne, redness, and inflammation.
Benefits of Rose Essential Oil
1. MOISTURIZES DRY SKIN Rose essential oil contains several important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that replenish the skin and protect it from the elements. Rose oil softens dry patches, improves the skin’s elasticity, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.
2. ANTI AGING - Rose oil is one of the best anti-aging oils you can find. Not only it is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and repairing, but it is also full of powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals and prevent the damage oxidative stress can make. They delay the formation of premature aging signs, improve the texture of the skin and can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and aging spots.
3. Hair Care - Rose essential oil can also do a lot for your hair’s condition and appearance. It makes the hair incredibly soft, shiny and healthier looking.
Skin Problem that can fix by RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil
Vitamin A and Collagen is highly concentrated, effectively penetrates to the skin's base, has long-lasting water resources, and moisturizes skin anytime, anywhere.
 What make RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil Special?
  • Clear and hydrated, Moisturize skin and improve dry skin
  • Improve skin dullness and brighten skin radiance
  • Lift and firm, repair skin roughness, increase skin elasticity
  • Excellent penetration speeds up nutrient absorption of skin, gentle and skin-friendly.
Main Ingredients
Here are some of our happy customers:
"I've been stress lately due to work plus I got sick for weeks and my skin turned really pale and dull. I used RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil for weeks now and look what the result now. I like my skin much better now, It brightens and glows which I really like. It so refreshing on this skin. I put it on my face twice a day during the day before I apply my makeup and ate night before I sleep." - Natalie Strane
" I experienced breakout due to my medication. The acne really purge so bad and it leaves dark marks. My friend suggest this RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil coz this is here holy grail product. Glad she recommend it to me coz after a month of using my face looks way better than before the it really targeted my acnes and pores. It helps heal and moisturize those acne marks." - Nancy Lowel
 Easy Application
Ingredients: Rose oil, Isopropyl, etc.
Net Content: 30ml
Package Includes
1 x RoseStrength Skin Refresh Essential Oil


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